Dr. Mi Mi Lay

Ph.D (Chemistry)


The Department of Chemistry was organized by Professor U Aung Khin, Head of the Department of Chemistry of the University of Rangoon in 1963. First the require chemicals and apparatus were provided by the Department of Chemistry, University of Rangoon.

The teaching staff at the beginning consisted of Dr. Ko Ko Gyi B.Sc (Hons), D.Sc (Zurich), Lecturer, and six Demonstrators from the Department of Chemistry, University of Rangoon.

In 1964, Dr. Ko Ko Gyi and the six Demonstrators were transferred and
Dr. Thein Aung Ph.D (Missouri) took over as Lecturer and Head of the Department. Assistant Lecturers and Two Demonstrators were also appointed.


  1. Former Heads of the Department

(i) Dr. Ohn Kyaw              Ph.D                                  1964 – 1970

(ii) U Khin Mg Myint       M.Sc                                 1970 – 1977

(iii) Dr. Soe Win               Ph.D                                  1977 – 1981

(iv) Dr. Mg Kyaw             Ph.D                                  1981 – 1986

(v) U Sein Lin                   B.Sc                                  1986 – 1987

(vi) U Khin Mg Zaw         M.Sc                                 1987 – 1990

(vii) Daw Tin Tin Win      M.Sc                                 1990 – 1993

(viii)Daw Mya Mya          M.Sc                                 1993 – 2005

(ix) Daw Lai Lai Kyi        M.Sc                                 2005 – 2009

Group Photo of Full Time Staff

  1. Full Time Current Academic Staffs

Lecturer and Head

Dr. Mi Mi Lay                                    Ph.D (Chemistry)


  1. Daw Thin Thin Khaing M.Sc (Chemistry)
  2. Daw Ei Ei                                    M.Sc (Chemistry)
  3. Daw Mya Mya Swe M.Sc (Chemistry)


Assistant Lecturers

  1. Daw Wah Wah Han M.Sc (Chemistry)
  2. Daw Yee Lwin Myint M.Sc (Chemistry)
  3. Daw Tin Thida Moe M.Sc (Engineering – Chemistry)
  4. Daw Moe Moe Khaing M.Sc (Engineering – Chemistry)
  5. Daw Chaw Su Win M.Sc (Chemistry)
  6. Daw Toe Toe Htain M.Sc, M.Res (Engineering Chemistry)
  7. Daw Kyin Kyin Yee M.Sc (Chemistry)
  8. Daw Nyo Nyo Khaing M.Sc (Chemistry)
  9. Daw Tin Ohnmar Myint M.Sc (Chemistry)



  1.  Daw Nway Oo Lwin                     M.Sc, M.Res (Biochemistry)
  2. Daw Khin May Htay                    M.Sc (Chemistry)
  3. Daw War War Lwin                     M.Sc (Chemistry)
  4. Daw Khaing Yin Mon M.Sc, M.Res (Chemistry)
  5. Daw Thwet Zin Hla             M.Sc, M.Res (Chemistry)
  6. Daw Thu Zar Tun                        M.Sc, M.Res (Biochemistry)
  7.   Daw Nway Nway Zaw                 M.Sc (Chemistry)
  8. U Kyaw Ye Aung                         M.Sc (Chemistry)
  9. U Pyae Sone Aung                       M.Sc, M.Res (Chemistry)
  1. Course

Undergraduate Course (Foundation Year)     5          months

Teaching and Learning Methods

Didactic lecture                                              28        hours

Discussions                                                   54        hours

Continuous Assessment                                 30        hours

(In Class & Group Assignments,

Group Presentations, MCQ/

Structured Questions and


Total                                                               112         hours



  1. Aim and Objectives of Department

At the end of the course the learner should be able to:


  1. acquire the fundamental principles of chemistry in order to understand and correlate

with other subjects such as biochemistry, physiology, pharmacology, preclinical,

clinical subjects and other medical related subjects.


  1. perform basic laboratory tests, accurate data collection, analysis of data and drawing

of valid conclusion.


  1. apply scientific principles in relevant medical studies and safety principles in

performing chemical laboratory tests for medical research.